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Date Title Theme

2 december

A Collective Multi-Stakeholder Driven Mediterranean Response to Marine Litter Marine Litter
The Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between UNEP/MAP and IMELS: key results and outcomes achieved” Cross Cutting

3 December

New Green Deal and Natural Capital”  

Natural Capital

New deal for Nature

MPAs and Biodiversity for a sustainable Mediterranean: mechanisms for proper marine biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean” Biodiversity and MPAs
“Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism to Tackle Environmental and Development Challenges in the Mediterranean Region” Blue Economy

4 December

“Mediterranean implementation of the Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) in coherence with the EU MSFD: deliverables and project recommendations from EcAP MED II and synergies with other EcAp projects” EcAP Project
How environmental and oceanographic data support evidence-based decision- making in the Mediterranean? Examples from the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and UNEP/MAP-EEA environment data reporting and assessment process” Cross Cutting
UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development/Environmental data
The Mediterranean Sea Sustainable tourism, marine protected areas, #PlasticFree” Blue Economy

5 December

« Mesurer l’effectivite de l’application de la Convention de barcelone et de ses Protocoles : avec quels indicateurs ? » Cross Cutting

Juridical indicators for the good governance

Climate Action in the Mediterranean: discussing the water-food-energy nexus in a changing environment” Climate Change